that picture omfg


that picture omfg


I’ll always reblog this, I love it


Think about how fast he snitched tho



This man.
This man right here, deserves more attention than you’ll ever know.
He’s the sweetest, most wonderful guy I’ve probably ever had the pleasure of finding on the internet.

He makes the most soothing, upbeat, soulful music you’ll ever hear, and has an extremely rustic and refreshing art style.

He’s absolutely incredible, but for whatever reason, (I feel), he almost goes unrecognized. This simply should not be the case with someone with such amazing talent and good spirits. I overly recommend him, because he will lift your spirits and help you keep inspired to exceed your own aspirations.

Find him here ;

Music (Bandcamp) -
Art (Tumblr) -
Twitter -

Most importantly, spread this post so everyone can enjoy him and his astounding works, and if you could, through him some dough! <3


Far, FAR too kind of you sir. Thank you so much for the love and I hope to keep earning it. <3

I second this statement 

why would chris have aspirin in the back of alex's car?

he probably had some in his car and brought them with him when he got in Alex’s car, since they were abandoning Chris’s car on the side of the road

What camera do you use to film DarkHarvest00?

nothing special. I usually use a Sony Cybershot, although for episodes where I know I’ll need to film a lot of footage or be on location for a long time I tend to use my Handicam - it has a longer battery life and more storage space. It films in SD as opposed to the Cybershot’s slightly better video quality, too. I think that filming found footage-style stuff in HD kind of takes a little bit of the charm out of it, which is why I still don’t film in HD even though I recently acquired a Canon T4i. Don’t need a gun to kill a fly, know what I mean? 

if anything, alex is the most rational.

that’s one way of seeing it, for sure

Most recent entry is definitely among my favorite entries of the series, fantastic job

Thank you! It was actually a real pain in the ass to make. The scene with Slender Man at the end was recorded in like -10 degree weather and I actually lost feeling in my hands for a few minutes after we finished filming. Ah well, I’m glad you think it came out nicely! 

The last part of the video was seriously disturbing. The mixture of sounds and images was just right to be unnerving and make me want to crawl under my desk. It reminded me of that personality quiz that was going around recently with the flashing images and shit. That... bothered me. This did too but in a much better way.

I’m not entirely sure of what you’re referring to, but thanks all the same! I worked quite a bit on the audio to give the finale of the video a creepy vibe. Thanks for thinking it did the job!

So, *Alex* has gingivitis? (i'm tired)

he has a bad case of the mindfucks

That episode was one of your creepiest, I loved it.

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it

How did you meet Alex?

I met him in third grade. We went to elementary, middle and high school together and even went to the same community college for awhile. We’ve been friends for quite a long time. 

who plays the overseer?

that would be on-air personality Brian [Surname Withheld] of Thunder 106 - Jersey’s Rockin’ Country. He has a radio voice because he is a radio voice.