Alex walks into a room. Jay flinches, Jeff is ecstatic, and Chris wonders why he left in the first place.


It took me a second and then I was laughing. THIS IS THE BEST SLENDERVERSE JOKE EVERYONE ELSE GO HOME.

baroness tagged me.

Name: Chris

Nickname: my net handle is Devnul

Birthday: July 16

Height: 5’7” I’m not tall

Time Zone: Eastern (US)

What time and date is it there: 11:22 AM, 8/31/2014

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 8

The last thing I Googled was: couchtuner breaking bad

My most used phrase(s): okay

First word that comes to mind: sushi. I had cucumber and salmon sushi two nights ago and it was awesome and I’m still hungry.

What I last said to a family member: Bye.

One place that makes me happy & why: BRGR in NYC because they got the best darn burger I ever done eated. 

How many blankets I sleep under: 3 almost always. I’m weird. 

Favorite beverage(s): Iced tea of many varieties. Actually, that green tea lemonade thing from Starbucks is fucking awesome. Also peach white tea from [some company I can’t remember the name of] is also really incredible. 

The last movie I watched in the cinema: The last movie I actually saw in theaters was Godzilla, although I’ve seen a lot of movies since then. 

Three things I can’t live without: internet, friends, family, the ability to do art things and eating bomb-ass tacos from Roybertito’s when I’m kickin’ it with the boys after we lift (read: comedy)  

Something I plan to learn: how to be a more efficient human being, also how to cook better and maybe when I’m a middle-aged dad I’ll learn how to play golf

A piece of advice for all my followers: Whatever you want to do, do it now. Don’t do it later. Procrastination never helped anybody. 

You all have to listen to this song:

This song by caseylalonde

Casey is one of my favorite artists in the world and I really wish he got more love

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I’m tagging uh thenimbus , im-alex-s , no-more-blogs , and firebyte even though he uses tumblr once a year. If you don;t want to fill this out, pls ignore thans :^)

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So I saw a post about “bass boosted songs that no one asked to be bass boosted” and realized how vaporwave Dancing Queen sounds

I can’t stop laughing - thank you coolator for the post

At first I was like “How fucking ridiculous is this”

And then I was like “Oh shit, I’m actually really feeling this”

you can dance


5 Nights at Freddy’s looks scary


5 Nights at Freddy’s looks scary


bad plumber’s mate is my favorite Mario character now 


bad plumber’s mate is my favorite Mario character now 


porn can be so funny holy shit hahaha




omfg i’m crying at the latest episode of Got because daenerys is listening to this guy and she’s so tired of his bullshit and she looks directly at the camera like she’s in an Office episode 


Oh my god


Magical Paths Begging To Be Walked

Roads and paths pervade our literature, poetry, artwork, linguistic expressions and music. Even photographers can’t keep their eyes (and lenses) off of a beautiful road or path, which is why we collected this list of 28 amazing photos of paths.

Paths like these have a powerful grip on the human imagination – they can bring adventure, promise and change or solitude, peace and calm. There’s nothing like a walk down a beautiful path to clear your head – or to fill it with ideas!

I’ll leave you with an excellent quote from J. R. R. Tolkien’s works while you enjoy these images; “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

  1. Autumn In The White Carpathians
  2. Rhododendron Laden Path, Mount Rogers, Virginia, USA
  3. Spring In Hallerbos Forest, Belgium
  4. Autumn Path In Kyoto, Japan 
  5. Autumn Path
  6. Bamboo Path In Kyoto, Japan
  7. Hitachi Seaside Park Path In Japan
  8. Dark Hedges In Ireland
  9. Winter Forest Path, Czech Republic
  10. Path Under Blooming Trees In Spring

I really freakin love trees


me trolling on the computer


me trolling on the computer